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Propolis Tincture

Propolis is a resinous mixture of saps from various trees gathered by honeybees and then mixed with the bee's saliva and beeswax. This resin is created by the bees to help seal the beehive and acts as a medicine to help fight diseases or infections for the bees. Bees dislike having cracks exposing the elements outside of the hive, so most of the propolis is found sealing the lid of the hive shut and for locking frames in place. Propolis has been found to be antibacterial. antifungal, and antimicrobial. Propolis in tincture form  can be taken internally as well as externally for infections and for wounds. Imagine using it when a beehive would or when a tree creates the sap. The propolis tincture I offer is made with spring gathered propolis from the bees I tend to and sweetened with honey from them as well. A suggested serving is 5-15 drops, feel free to take as a preventative or upon needing it. This product is not intended for those who are allergic to bee stings. Make sure to shake prior to use.

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