What kind of products will you carry?

The Ramblin' Bee Refill Room carries various bulk cleaning supplies, sustainable and compostable packaged bath and body supplies, loose leaf herbs, local candles, and more. While we are not presently carrying bulk food items, please let us know what you'd like to see us carry!

Do I need to bring my own containers?

You do not! While we encourage folks to bring their own containers for refills, we also have containers available for purchase in-store. Whether you bring your own containers or not, we can't WAIT to help you find your low-waste supplies!

How do you know how much to charge for my refills?

The Ramblin' Bee Refill Room will be using the FillJoy application to make the experience seamless for YOU. Once you've tared out your container, simply fill it, weigh it again, and bring it to checkout - we'll handle the rest!

Does shopping at a refill store really help support our planet?

Absolutely! Whether you're purchasing a loofah grown on a farm down the road or are replacing your plastic cleaning containers with reusable jars and concentrate, every time you make a choice to reduce your waste, you're making a difference. 

Can I request that you carry something specific?

Sure! We can't guarantee that we'll end up getting it, but we're here to help you make mores sustainable decisions. Fill out the contact form below to tell us what YOU want to see at The Ramblin' Bee Refill Room.

How can I connect with The Ramblin' Bee Refill Room?

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram today, and make sure to tag us in your posts - we love our Aesthetic Queens!


Our Refill Room is full of low-waste goods and a stocked refill station!

Come in with used, empty jars that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and give them new life by refilling them with holistic shampoos, soaps, herbs or what ever else you might need!

Join us as we work towards a better world at Gallatin's newest eco-friendly and sustainable option!

Tell Us What You Think!

Have a question, or maybe want to request a specific product that you would like to see us carry? We want to hear from you!